Friday, 10 June 2011

fairy gardens

play academy

Linking up with Nurture store's play academy

I have been wanting to make fairy gardens for a while with the kids and have finally got round to it.
For the container we used a seed tray with holes in the bottom so that they can be kept outside. We firstly filled them with compost and little stones. I bought a few bits to put in-bridges, mini fake pot plants, blue gravel to act as a river, some plastic trees from the dinasaur set and best of all some tiny minature garden gnomes!!!
We added in some plastic Disney characters but hopefully another activity might be making 'peg fairies'!

Melissa's garden

Louis' garden

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  1. Lovely! We've given our fairy garden a spring clean this week too. I think they're such magical play spaces. My girls love theirs. Thanks for linking with the Play Academy :)