Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Fun Box

A few weeks ago it was half term so I decided to use an idea I got from the Wonderful Chasing cherioes blog and put together a 'Fun Box' which I pretended had been deleivered to the house while they were at school.

It contains;
Water colour paints and A3 sheets of paper for painting
Print outs to creat a vet surgery (we already have a vet kit to use)
Mashmallows and cocktail sticks for buliding sculptures (this proved very messy and sticky)
Materials to create a valentines collage
A copy of the hungry Caterpillar book and a workbook to go with it

Well it didn't last the full half term but it meant they had some activities which they could do planned in advance. I think I will do the same for the Easter Holiday too.

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