Sunday, 6 February 2011

Valentine activities

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I decided on a valentine theme for our crafts and activities for February! I have tried to buy some stuff in the Pound Shops to make a sensory bin and use for crafts but most of the products are a bit X-rated lol. None the less, I have managed to get some fake rose petals, heart ice trays, heart confetti and red kitchen utensils. I don't have any pictures yet as I want to buy more rose petals to bulk it out a bit and might even chance the dreaded rice!

So onto other valentine activities then...
Valentine playdough.
This idea was taken from the fabulous Counting Coconuts

I made up a basic playdough recipe with cocopowder mixed in for a lovely chocolate scent! I then gave the kids heart shape cutters, scissors and best of all, empty chocolate boxes so they could pretend to make valentines chocolates! It was a bit messy but they enjoyed it!

Heart biscuits
As with last month's snowmen biscuits, I made a basic biscuit recipe into heart shapes and the kids used pink icing and marshmallows to decorate!

Valentine boxes
I found some cute heart shaped gift boxes in the pound shop along with some sticker sheets containing gems and some containing baby related things (think they were for making gift cards but the kids insisted on the baby related ones lol). A very simple craft of decorating the boxes with the stickers!

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  1. Wow, I was just thinking about you today and thinking that I hadn't visited your site lately. Then you wrote me a comment today! I love when that happens.
    These are some great Valentine's ideas. The cocoa playdoh and the candy box are great. Decorating the heart box looks like fun too.

  2. Oh! And I like your new blog design :)

  3. Thanks for your comment on my blog. I got the snowman idea from somewhere else--I need to find where I got the idea and credit them! Anyway, I live in the Northwest of England. What part do you live in? I need to go to some pound shops--I love the heart gift boxes.

  4. We're in Crewe--we've been to the Maritime Museum in your area.